The Vaucluse, or “closed valley” to the Romans, has been buffeted by history and the fresh winds of the Mistral since ancient times. To this day, we still find coins bearing Caesar’s profile among the vines. Once farmland during the Roman period, Domaine du Tix once grew root vegetables, as well as olives and grapes; trees were burned for charcoal. Centuries later, the estate became refuge to pilgrims who’d climb the 100 meters upstream to the Chapel of Notre-Dame-des-Anges, where prayers were offered to ward off the plague or to ensure generous harvests. In 2001, Marie Pirsch and Philippe Danel acquired the enchanting site a distinctive terroir ideal for winemaking. The estate grafted more than 20,000 plants to create new strains. Happily, Bacchus smiled: 92% of the grafts were successful, heralding in a new era in wine production.

In 2016, André Tremblay acquired the estate and continued to advance the couple’s dream of transforming the fruit of their vines into even more exceptional and uncompromising vintages. André also decided to expand the cellar and make Domaine du Tix a key destination in the Vaucluse, a gathering place for epicures and wine lovers. The previous owners’ nephew, Vincent Pineau, ensures consistency by applying his intimate knowledge of wine production and the distinctive terroir. Increasingly, our wines garner awards and appear on the menus of several prestigious restaurants, although a significant portion of production is sold directly from the estate. We look forward to welcoming you for a visit and tasting.